Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eight Keys for Healthy Living

  1.  Exercise: "move it to loose it".
    Walk, run, dance, playing with kid or just doing household work.
  2. Smart Food Choice: Healthy and balanced Food, portion control and lots of water.
  3.  Be Happy: Try to Keep Depression away. Listen to music, talk to close friend or loved ones, hug your kids, play with pet, take time for you hobbies. Exercise keeps depression away.
  4.  Self-Control: Don't lose your hard work & goal in emotions, whether it's Celebration, happiness or depression or being part of any event or self-sympathy.
  5. Self-motivation: Keep rewarding yourself and find a way to get up and start again. It's never too late, to correct yourself and be back on track.
  6. Revise your Goals: Keep weighing yourself and rework on your action plans. As with time weight may change or it may hit a Plato so you need to step up to get more result. Never be shy or scared to check your weight, face it and prepare to conquer.
  7. Planning and Preparation: Plan your exercise and prepare for meals in advance will always keep you on track.
  8. Rest: Well 8hrs of rest is must for body to get recharged otherwise it goes in fatigue and chances of slipage is maximum. Weak and tried bodies are perfect home for diseases so make sure to follow the last rule. But not more than 8hrs as anything is excess is bad for body.
By: Reena Sharma

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