Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Key to cooking fresh food.

Key to cooking fresh food along with stressful work life is advance preparation and getting up early.
Early morning Brown Rice(in electric cooker) and Dal/Lentil(pressure cooker)/Soup are kept before starting morning rituals.
Frozen cut veg or quick cutting vegetables are stir fired with very basic seasoning and put the lid with low heat. So by the time I'm ready for work my half cooking is done.
Evening when I enter home all I do is make hot Roties (Phulksa)/Tortias/Indian Bread and Season the boiled dal (lentil)/Soup.
Stock Dosa batter/Indian Pancake batter
Make some chutneys/sause/dips in weekend
Stock cut salad so you save some time.
Use tomato paste & tamarind paste, ready seasoning like McCormick's spices, or make your own combination to accelerate cooking.
You've to give up traditional cooking and stick to very basic cooking to keep up with healthy life style.
If healthy fresh cooked food is not in kitchen Junk food find it's way.
Just wake up 20min early than your daily routine and try whatever I suggested.
Cooking is rapid & swift in the morning than evening. By end of the day we are really stressed and tired. We can get more mileage out of ourself only in the morning.  Planning and preparation will keep our diet on track and we can stick to healthy life style.

By: Reena Sharma


  1. nice tips,will keep visiting your blog from now,happy to stumble upon your blog.

  2. can you post some recipes too in future,easy fix ones.

  3. I’ll be glad to post some of my favorite and time saving recipes.