Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quick Healthy Recipes- Part 3

Dahi Kadi/ Majige Huli
·         3 cups yogurt (slightly sour)
·         2 green chilies (optional)
·         2 tsps. cumin seeds(jeera)
·        1 tsp. Olive/ canola/ sunflower/Veg cooking oil
·         1 tsp. mustard seeds
·         2 dry red chilies broken into smaller pieces
·         10 curry leaves
·         Salt to taste
·         Fresh chopped coriander to garnish
·         ½ Tsp Turmeric
·         1 Tbsps. Gram Flour(Besan)
·         Pinch of Asafoetida(Heeng)

·         Mix the green chilies, cumin seeds & Salt and grind in a food processor. Add little water to make smooth paste.
·         Add Gram Flour to ½ Cup water and make smooth paste
·         Whisk the yogurt separately till smooth and add a cup of water to it. Blend well.  Then add Gram Flour smooth paste and Mix it well.
·         Heat the oil in a heavy base vessel on a medium flame.
·         Add Mustard and let it splutter, and then add the dry red chilies, curry leaves, turmeric and Asafoetida to it.
·         Add 2 Cup water and Add Green Chilie & Cumin seed mix to it. Let it boil for 1 min.
·         At this point you can even add some already boiled vegetables like white pumpkin
·         Put the Yogurt mixture in pan, mix slowly and heat slowly on a medium flame. Stir occasionally.
·         Just before the mixture comes to a boil turn off the fire.
·         Garnish with fresh chopped coriander and serve with plain boiled rice.
Make it more delicious and nutritious by adding Boiled vegetable. You can add ladies finger (Okra/Bhendi)/ white pumpkin / cucumber to the kadi. Boil vegetable separately with lots of water and little salt for 7 min on high heat and add it to Kadi after the seasoning.
Please note this recipe is without Pakodis (gram flour fritters north Indian style) and Coconut(South Indian Style) to make it more healthy food.

Pan Grilled Eggplant/ Baigan Bhaja
1 medium sized eggplant OR 4 Small Egg Plant
1 tsp red chili powder
1 tsp Cumin(Jeera) Powder
1tsp Turmeric(Haldi) Powder
3/4 tsp salt
Cooking spray oil (PAM 100% Olive oil spray).
Note: Eggplant will soak up as much oil as you put in the pan. So I use cooking spray.

Wash and pat dry the eggplant. Cut into 1" thick discs. Fill a large bowl with cold water and soak the eggplant discs in it for about 15 minutes. (This will remove the bitter juices). Drain water and place eggplant pieces in a flat Plate.
Sprinkle the salt, red chili powder, Turmeric powder and Cumin powder over eggplant cut pieces.
Spread properly with your pam over eggplant pieces so it’s kind of dry marinated/covered with masala.

 Heat a nonstick Tawa (Griddle) or a flat bottomed pan on medium heat. Spray some cooking oil all over Tawa. Place each piece flat on Tawa. Spray a little cooking oil and  Cook till eggplant is slightly brown from the side touching tawa.  Use fork or spoon to lift and monitor the color of eggplant piece.
Spray a little cooking spray Change sides and cook till the side is brown.
Serve hot with boiled Rice or Roti and enjoy !
Sometimes we’ve to sprinkle extra salt while grilling on pan.
By: Reena Sharma