Thursday, August 4, 2011

Don’t Want To Diet Or Exercise ?

Diets and exercise sometimes invoke all sorts of negative emotions especially pressure and guilt. You might have tried to diet and you know you should exercise.  A couple of simple shifts in your thinking could help you lose weight and keep it off. It really doesn’t have to be hard.

The basic measure of weight gain or weight loss isn’t actually pounds or kilograms. It is calories. If we put in more calories than we burn off we gain weight. If it’s the other way around we lose weight.
Calories refer to the food you eat. Stop thinking about what you cannot eat, or shouldn’t eat. Just think about what you can eat. Did you know that eating one less cookie, one less dinner roll or one less glass of milk a day you would lose 1 pound every three weeks. Over a year that’s 17 pounds.

To lose weight by concentrating on the calories in side of the scale you just need to think of simple ways to eat foods with a little less calorie content (a little less energy). Eat more whole meal bread instead of white bread. Eat more chicken instead of red meat. Drink more water instead of fruit juice. That sort of thing. There are also some simple things you can stop doing to reduce your calorie intake. Stop supersizing your takeaway food. Stop eating a second plate of dessert. That’s all it takes.

To increase your energy output and improve your performance on the other side of the scale you just need to do a little more activity in your daily life. Take your dog for a walk instead or go to the park with your kids and fly a kite. These activities are burning calories and they are fun.

Household activities like Cleaning house, washing your car, vacuuming, doing laundry, scrubbing bath tub, doing dishes, mopping floor washing windows, gardening, lawn mowing all these activities burn calories. Park your car far end of shopping mall or work place so you'll walk more to reach the place and when you return again you'll walk to come back to your car. Take a cart and walk in Grocery no need to buy anything just walk through each aisle and if you've something in Grocery list shop. Walking in Malls and Grocery is a mood booster and safest way to do walking during winter season otherwise nothing can beat Out door walking. Put your favorite dance music and dance like there is no tomorrow. Music and Dance are Good mood boosters.

Maintain a Journal to keep track of whole days food intake as we forget to count Licks, Bite and Taste i.e. (BLT) calories. Yes even BLT adds up in calories.

Losing weight by learning to balance your calorie intake with your output is much easier and more fun than dieting and exercise and if you just take some simple steps every day, week or month you’ll be healthy, fit and happy in no time. Try switching to low fat milk or diet sodas. Help out an elderly neighbor by offering to walk their dog. Go to a class and learn a sport you’ve always wanted to play. There are a lot of things you can do to start living a healthy lifestyle today.

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